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Jackall Dowzvido 90SP | 90mm | 10.7g

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Color: Babataku Red Gold Laser
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High-pitch rolling action

The well-balanced and light-pulling comfort that corresponds to high-speed retrieve creates the high-pitch rolling action that is characteristic of Dow's DOWZVIDO. The fish-collecting effect and good response by the quick roll action are excellent.

Achieve ideal flight distance and action

Uses a triple centre of gravity movement system with a wide range of motion. It boasts excellent long-distance castability due to a stable flight attitude. At the start of retrieval, the moving ball quickly returns to the front, diving to 2 m or more with stable action and inducing a bite.

long bill lip that produces quick action

A long bill lip is designed to achieve both a stable flight attitude, which is important for cast performance, and quick high-pitch roll action. It reaches the target range with a gentle orbit.

Adopted triple center of gravity movement system

Equipped with a movable long triple centre of the gravity movement system. Achieves excellent cast performance and agile action response. We have embodied an ideal that does not easily lose balance with the first retrieve.


Name Length Weight Type Hook Size
DOWZVIDO 90SP 90mm 10.7g Suspend #7

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