Best Budget Rods Under 3000rs

Time and again you buy expensive rods that end up catching dust in some corner of your shed, being more burdensome than useful? Well, don't worry you are not alone. Not only fishing requires patience but searching for the right rod that is within the budget can also be gruesome.

Today, we bring you some of the best low budget fishing rods seen on our website. Whether it’s to fish with your kids or your partner – we’ll have you spoilt for choice.

Are you ready? Jump straight to the rods you’d like to explore first!   


1: Pioneer Fire E-Glass 8ft and 9ft Spinning Rod

This magnificent spinning rod is a beacon of versatility, affordability, and quality. It comes in two different sizes of 96inch and 108inch, weighting approximately around 300g. The rod is constructed of E Glass, which makes it suitable for saltwater fishing and capable of absorbing the abuse while fishing. It also features a high-quality Pioneer Guide with a Titanium Oxide ring and a Compressed Cork Handle that delivers a lightweight durable and sensitive rod. This extra fast action rod will bend three to four inches before transferring power to the blank making it the best choice for anglers who wants to cast in close. In addition to being powerful, this rod is also a great value because of the modest price point. If you don't want to invest hundreds in a rod but also want something more than the bare minimum, then you found your match.

Click here to BuyPioneer Fire E-Glass 8ft and 9ft Spinning Rod



  • Very Flexible
  • Less slippery handle
  • Very durable E-glass blank construction



  • Heavier and less sensitive when compared to a graphite rod


2: Shimano Cruzar 6.6Ft-10Ft Fishing Rods

 The new Shimano Cruzar rod is a saltwater rod that has the best of both worlds i.e. this rod features a fiberglass composite blank construction and graphite Reel Seat providing it a strong backbone as well as sensitivity during fishing. This rod comes with lightweight and abrasion resistance EVA grips as well as Fuji guides. This means the rod will provide the sensitivity, durability, and strength you need, without increasing the price unnecessarily. The 6.6ft Cruzar rod is best for casting accuracy and to get more action from your lure whereas 7 to 10ft Cruzar rod which has more leverage is good for long casting. Besides being excellent for those that just started fishing, this product is also affordable enough in order to be a serious option for anyone.

Click here to Buy:  Shimano Cruzar 6.6Ft-10Ft Fishing Rods


  • Strong as well as sensitive
  • Best Fuji guides
  • The graphite seat allows for the blank to be felt.


  • The EVA handle is hydrophilic. 

 3: Shakespeare Beta Spin 8 to 10ft Spinning rod

 The Shakespeare Beta Spin rod is a workhorse that is also surprisingly sensitive even with a fiberglass blank. It features many high-quality components, including Aluminum Oxide guides, double-locking reel seat and an EVA handle. Available in various lengths, this rod is black in colour with striking yellow accents. This Medium power rod is perfect for fresh water as well as entry level surf fishing. You can catch paddlefish, kingfish and red snapper with ease using this rod. It also comes with a bag of its own and we all know how important a fishing rod bag is when you have many rods. Use treble hooks like crankbaits and top water lures and spinnerbaits for better performance.

Click here to Buy:  Shakespeare Beta Spin 8ft-10ftFishing Rod


  • Cushioned reel seat with a comfortable rod base.
  • Strong yet sensitive


  • The 10ft rod may be bit bulky and awkward to use.

 4: Daiwa Laguna X 6.6ft spinning rod

 Daiwa laguna X rod is a result of many years of research and development by the company. This is the ultimate budget rod with high end blank design, innovation and components to deliver high performance. The IM-6 carbon design of this rod has made it stronger, leaner, lighter, and sharper than ever before. This 6.6ft rod is incredibly fast and tippy but folds away under pressure in an even arch to displace load, so there is no need to worry about the tip breaking. Not only that this special feature of the rod ensures maximum fighting power and the Braided X feature brings high end technology and performance. This medium heavy rod has a modern and stylish look, while providing extra power and strength to lower section of the rod for extra fighting and casting power. The lightweight, custom EVA split grip increases the leverage for long casts and sensitivity. The best in class convenient hook keeper makes stowing lures a cinch.

Click here to Buy:  Daiwa Laguna X 6.6ft Spinning Rod


  • IM-6 with woven carbon construction makes it incredibly sensitive.
  • One of the best bass fishing rod


  • The split-grip is not liked by many due to the "Sloppy fit" in the rod holder

 5: Penn Mako 7ft spinning rod

 Since the company Penn fishing tackles was found in 1932, they have put full afford to improve their entire rod with new and improved technologies resulting in rods like Penn Mako. This salt water rod is your "snatch and go" rod for any type of fishing. From big fish to hard conditions, fishing in saltwater can be tough, but with Penn Mako rod, everything can be done easily. With medium heavy power this rod can pull up to a 40lb fish without much difficulty. This rod is so flexible that you can use it for surf throwing or dock angling. The EVA handle, graphite reel seat with saltwater intense, stainless steel padded hood and finish with quality aides is very well appreciated and all these features are in harmony with each other, translating into great fishability. This bargain is worth a long look.

Click here to Buy:  Penn Mako MS802MH 7ft-8ft Fishing Spinning Rod



  • A versatile rod
  • Very light and fast action rod


  • Can't take too much abuse

 6: Shakespeare ugly Stick GX2 5ft and 6ft spinning rod

The Shakespeare Ugly Stick GX2 is a great rod choice for newbies and youngsters, as it can take any mistreatment inflicted on it. This new rod design incorporates graphite into fiberglass which gives it a clean matte black finish. Perfect to catch any common species, from crappies to pan fish to bass, this rod will surely become you favorite on your first use. Featuring a Ugly  Tuff Guides, which enables very long casts, one piece stainless steel inserts and Ugly Stick's classic clear tip, this rod is nowhere near ugly, it a very beautiful, modern looking excellent rod that is definitely worth the price . Fishing with this rod will make you feel like you are fishing with a higher end rod, how cool is that! The clear tip feature of this rod will give a lot of sensitivity, working wonders when landing big striper. If you are a newbie to fishing, then this is where you need to start your fishing journey, with this brilliant rod.

Click here to Buy:  Shakespeare Ugly Stik GX2 5ft and 6 ft Spinning Rod


  • Perfectly balanced rod
  • Extremely durable and very sensitive


  • A tad bit pricey when compared to all other rods in this article


There you have it, a list of rods that come within 3000 INR that you see on our website. Hopefully, this has made the decision of which fishing rod to buy a little bit easier.

Remember though, your personal preference plays into the equation when selecting a fishing rod and you should be sure that you are comfortable using whichever rod you pick.

Happy fishing!

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